Dispenser Instructions

Woof woof! You got a Dispenser :)

Let's learn how to use it:

Step 1:

Pinch the front "treat tray" and pull it forward until you hear an audible click.


With your pointer finger, PUSH the interior "treat pusher" into the Dispenser, then PINCH the front "treat tray" with your pointer finger & thumb.


The "treat tray" is held in place with a magnet, and requires some initial force to pull it out (when fully pulled out, it also stays locked open with a magnet)

Step 2:

Grab a roll of treats & tear the folded paper off one end. Break off 1/4 of the roll & push the treats out. Repeat until you have ~15 treats

(15 treats = max fill/Dispenser)


To break a roll, use your fingernail to make an indent in the wrapper.

Step 3:

Lay your stack of treats on the bottom shell and flick them over such that they’re identically angled to the black plastic ‘treat pusher’ with the PAWKET TREATS logo.

Slide the aluminum shell over the "treat tray"

TIP #1:

Quickly tap the Dispenser on a table to make sure the treats are evenly spread out before closing.

TIP #2:

Moisture = sticking. If you’re in a humid climate, or have sweaty fingers, minimize playing with the treats before loading them. It’s best practice to only touch the outer edge of your treats


The interior spring will release when the top shell is 1cm away from being closed. This last 1cm of closure requires a bit of force, as you're releasing an interior magnet. Keep fingers away from any gaps along the path of closure.


Helpful tips to get you going:

It's best practice to reload your Dispenser when it's empty. If your Dispenser has several treats in it, discharge the remaining treats onto a counter before reloading.

Make sure you always pull the "treat tray" fully out when opening your Dispenser.

When fully open, you'll hear an audible click (this is a magnet locking the interior spring to the back of the Dispenser so you can easily load it).

Note: if you load your Dispenser when the treat tray isn't fully pulled out, it's difficult to close your Dispenser since the treats will be under spring pressure.

Your Dispenser is not a long-term storage device for your treats.

Air - and thus humidity - can easily circulate throughout your Dispenser. The hotter your environment, and the higher your humidity, the quicker you should Dispense your treats.

Please store your treats in their original wrapper in a cool and dry climate.

Hand clean your Dispenser with a damp cloth. The most important section to clean is the interior (where the treats slide).

To do so, fully open your Dispenser when it’s empty, and wipe it down

Let it fully dry before using.

If intentionally or accidentally disassembling your Dispenser, PAWKET TREATS is not liable for lost components, nor liable for bodily harm. Small parts are choking hazards and springs can cause blindness.

This can happen if the Dispenser is overloaded, or if residue has built-up on the inside of the aluminum shells. Please remove several treats or clean the Dispenser.

Every Dispenser is designed to hold 15 PAWKET TREATS.